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Are you looking for MOT in Northampton for your vehicle?


The MOT is a mandatory test that most vehicles over 3 years old need to pass annually in order to ascertain their roadworthiness and safety standards. In fact, if your vehicle fails the MOT Northampton, you will not be allowed to drive it legally on UK roads.

In case your vehicle’s next MOT in Northampton is due, we suggest you book a slot with us – InterCar and Van Ltd. We are a DVSA-approved workshop offering MOT tests of the highest standards. Our testers are professionally trained, certified and are always up to date with all the latest DVSA guidelines regarding MOT. Therefore, with us, you can be sure of honest suggestions and accurate test results.

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MOT Northampton for Class 4 Vehicles

At InterCar and Van Ltd, we conduct MOT test Northampton for Class 4 vehicles. This category includes:

  • 3-wheeled vehicles
  • Motor caravans
  • Cars with a maximum of 8 passenger seats
  • Goods vehicles with up to 3000 kg design gross weight
  • Dual purpose vehicles, etc.

Checks included in our MOT Check Northampton

Our testers will first the check MOT history of your vehicle to understand if any particular performance issue or fault had been flagged before. They will then conduct a series of inspections to assess your vehicle’s roadworthiness as per the government standards. Some of the checks included in the test are mentioned below:

  • Tyres and wheels
  • Suspension
  • Exhausts and emissions
  • Seats and seatbelts
  • Brakes
  • Number plates
  • Horn
  • Lights, etc.

MOT Retest, Pass and Fail

If your vehicle passes its MOT Northampton, we will provide you with a VT20 certificate. Otherwise, you will receive a VT30 (failure) certificate. The defects identified during an MOT are mentioned below:

Dangerous: Will result in an MOT fail

Major: Will result in an MOT fail

Minor and Advisory: Does not affect the MOT pass or fail of your vehicle.

Please note: A so-called Advisory note lists any minor faults. They should be sorted by the vehicle owner in due course. These faults will also be recorded in the MOT system and re-checked during the next inspection the following year.

In case your car fails the test, you can turn to us for affordable post-MOT repairs. If you get the repairs done in our garage within 10 working days of failing the initial test, you will get the partial re-test and MOT pass certificate free of charge.

Therefore, call us to Book MOT Test Northampton, as soon as possible. For better guidance, search Google for "MOT Near Me"

We are based at Unit 1, Letts Road, Northampton, NN48HQ.

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