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Are you looking for Turbo Engine Repair for your vehicle?

A turbo, also called a turbocharger, is an additional component used for boosting an engine's power. Premium-quality turbos installed in smaller cars can deliver the same level of engine power in larger vehicles. Keeping the turbo engine in a good state ensures improved performance and smooth functioning while driving.

Inter Car & Van LTD offers prompt and Cheap Turbo engine repair Northampton. Our team retests all the repairs performed and ensures they adhere to the highest standards. Drive down to our facility today for repair or Turbo engine Replacement Northampton.

When to opt for Turbo engine Repair:

Noisy Engine

A vehicle with a turbocharger creates less engine sound because it decreases the air intake. If you hear a louder whining noise than usual while driving, it is likely a sign of turbo failure. Over time the noise will worsen and provide an uncomfortable driving experience. We recommend you contact our team as soon as possible and get your Turbo engine Northampton inspected to prevent further damage.

Loss of power

If you feel that your vehicle is not accelerating as effectively as before, it could be a sign of a turbo issue. A car can no longer maintain high speeds or deliver high performance when its turbo has failed. Ignoring this can lead to permanent damage to the turbo and result in costly repairs. We also perform Turbo engine Replacement Northampton if it is beyond repairable.

The check engine gets activated

Modern cars have an on-board diagnostic system that can detect internal damage and report it to the driver. During engine failure, the check engine light is activated on the dashboard. The light might turn on due to turbo failure or some other issue. A thorough analysis by our team can locate the precise location and effectively fix it.

Reasons for Turbo engine Repair?

Wear and Tear

Turbo engines are usually long lasting, over time driving can impact performance and cause premature damage to it.


Engine oil requires a top-up at regular intervals to ensure smooth functioning. An inadequate amount of oil can damage the engine and lead to crucial turbo damage.


Sometimes, foreign objects such as dirt and dust can enter the compressor and reach the turbo. Such a situation can cause unwanted particles to accumulate inside the turbo and compromise its performance. Feel free to contact us in such a situation for a quick Turbo engine Repair Northampton.

Why Choose Inter Car & Van LTD?

Our facility is the one-stop destination for premium-quality and Cheap Turbo engine repair in Northampton. We stock top-brand and original products so we can carry out any replacements. Our technicians will first find the source of the issue, provide you with a brief about the repairs and perform the fix only after your consent. We also offer Turbo engine Replacement Northampton for all types of vehicles.

For Cheap Turbo engine repair Northampton visit us at Unit 1, Letts Road, Northampton, NN4 8HQ.

Also, talk to our in-house technicians if you have any doubts or need some additional information.

Feel free to call us on 01604372007 if you have any queries or email office@intercarandvan.com.

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