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Are you looking for Winter Tyres Northampton for your vehicle?

Installing winter tyres on your vehicle enables you to drive efficiently on dry, cold, icy, or rainy roads and provide additional safety and comfort.

Inter Car & Van LTD offers a wide range of winter tyres for all budgets and brands, for improved performance and safety during the winter months. Our stock ranges from economy to premium with many different choices for winter tyres Northampton (premium, mid-range and budget) to cater to all different customer needs and budgets.

Our collection of premium winter tyres include:

  • Bridgestone
  • Continental
  • Dunlop
  • Pirelli
  • Marshal
  • Goodyear
  • Michelin

Benefits of installing Winter tyres Northampton Special Rubber Compounds

The rubber used for making standard tyres gets rigid when the temperature falls below 7 degrees Celsius and can develop cracks. Winter tyres feature unique rubber compounds with a higher natural content that enable them to remain flexible even during extreme winter temperatures and adapt readily to snow and water covered surfaces. The flexibility and adaptability of winter tyres reduce the risk of premature tyre damage and offers a safe driving experience.

Superior traction

Winter tyres feature deeper sipes, clever tread design and optimized shoulder blocks to deliver excellent traction on ice and snow-covered as well as wet surfaces. The aggressive tread pattern of snow tyres reduces the risk of snow build-up on the tyre surface and allows you to cut through the ice and snow without much hassle.

Better braking

Road conditions in winter can impact the braking performance of standard tyres. Winter tyres offer improved braking and reduce the risk of skidding on snow and slippery surfaces. The design of winter tyres can provide up to 30 per cent better braking performance than standard units.

Hydroplane resistance

The unique groove pattern of winter tyres allows water to escape quickly from the tyre surface and reduce the risk of hydroplaning.

Improved life and mileage

Winter tyres last longer than standard units in cold weather conditions and are less susceptible to premature damage. These tyres allow you to drive confidently on wet and snowy roads.

Why Choose Inter Car & Van LTD?

We are a trusted provider of high-quality and authentic Winter tyres in Northampton for all makes and models of vehicle. Our team carefully examines all the snow tyres at our garage before mounting them on your car. Ask our technicians for advice to assist you in choosing the right winter tyre to suit your budget and tyre needs.

We are based at Unit 1, Letts Road, Northampton, NN4 8HQ.

You can Buy Snow tyres Northampton online by visiting our website.

Talk to our in-house technicians if you have any doubts or need some additional information.

Feel free to call us on 01604372007 if you have any queries or email us on Office@intercarandvan.com.

Inter Car & Van LTD is always happy to help!

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