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Are you looking for Car Service Northampton for your vehicle?


Opting for vehicle servicing at regular intervals can help maintain the overall performance of your vehicle and enable a safe drive. Malfunctioning or faulty parts in your vehicle will ultimately increase fuel consumption and damage other parts linked to them.

Inter Car & Van LTD provides timely, convenient, and Cheap car service Northampton for all different vehicle makes and models. Our garage has the most advanced tools and technology for delivering accurate Car Servicing. We provide genuine replacement parts from leading brands for replacing various faulty components that may be detected during servicing.

Contact us today for Cheap car service Northampton including:

Interim Servicing 

The Interim car service is recommended at six month intervals or after driving 6000 miles. An interim service at our facility helps maintain the performance and safety of your vehicle while driving in cities or over rough terrains. We recheck all the repairs conducted to ensure they adhere to quality standards.

Interim service includes multiple checks such as:

Visual inspection

Our team thoroughly examines the outside appearance of the car and looks for any signs of vital damage. A visual inspection by our technicians can detect all the major flaws and repair them to avoid on-road problems.


A car requires different types of lubricants to work efficiently. Oil, brake fluid as well as coolant levels get investigated by our technicians and topped-up if needed.


Tyres play a crucial role in improving or decreasing the overall performance of your vehicle. We inspect the condition of your tyres, measure the air pressure, and locate any uneven wear or tear. We then recommend tyre repair or replacement accordingly.


Damaged lights can compromise your safety as well as the other cars on roads. It can also create problems while driving at night and hamper the visibility of the road. We can repair the light or provide an assortment of premium-quality lights for replacements.

Full Car Servicing in Northampton

The full car service is recommended at 12 month intervals or after driving 12,000 miles. Our full car service improves profane, safety and comfort by repairing all the major issues faced by your vehicle.

  • A full service at our facility include:
  • All the tests performed in an interim-car service
  • Checking the front as well as rear brakes
  • A careful analysis of the cooling system
  • Close investigation of the whole air conditioning system
  • The status of the suspension as well as the steering system
  • A complete assembly check, and much more!

Why Choose Us?

Inter Car & Van LTD is a state-of-the-art facility that delivers the best Car Service Northampton for all makes and models of vehicle. We always provide customer-centric solutions and do not add any hidden charges or surplus amounts to our services. Our technicians use advanced tools and technology to perform top-notch and hassle-free repairs.

You can find us at Unit 1, Letts Road, Northampton, NN4 8HQ, UK or Feel free to call us on 01604372007 if you have any queries or email us on office@intercarandvan.com.

Inter Car & Van LTD is always happy to help!

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