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Are you looking for Wheel Alignment for your vehicle?

Wheel alignment is a regular maintenance procedure to ensure your vehicle provides an even drive on all road types. Wheel alignment offers increased protection and a comfortable drive.

Inter Car & Van LTD facility is renowned in timely and hassle-free Wheel Alignment Northampton. Our in-house technicians are equipped with advanced tools and technology to carry out top-notch and, Cheap Wheel alignment in Northampton.

Signs that your vehicle needs a Wheel Alignment

Experts advise getting a wheel alignment test once a year. But you should contact us today to get Cheap Wheel alignment Northampton if you notice any of the following signs:

Car pulling to the side

A faulty wheel alignment will make your car pull towards one side of the road when you try to drive in a straight line. This can create difficulty in controlling the vehicle and compromises your on-road safety. Repairing an inaccurately aligned wheel can reduce the risk of further damage to other connected components.

Suspension parts are updated/changed

Suspension is connected to the wheels and plays a significant role while driving. Therefore, opting for a wheel alignment is highly recommended whenever you replace any damaged component in the suspension.

Premature Tyre Wear

Early tyre damage may be noticeable on only one side of the car’s tyres, this is an obvious indication of incorrect wheel alignment.

Increased fuel usage

Getting a regular wheel alignment service ensures enhanced fuel efficiency.

Why should you opt for Wheel Alignment Northampton?

Here at Inter Car and Van Service we use the latest technology - the Hunter Wheel Alignment technology.

In a standard Wheel Alignment test, our technicians inspect:


Camber is the angle of the wheels when observed from the front side of your car. Camber angle can be either outward or inward angle. An incorrect camber angle decreases acceleration and increases tread wear. Our technicians carefully perform a comprehensive analysis of your vehicle and ensure the Camber is set according to standards.


Caster is the angle of the steering axis with respect to the vertical axis when observed from one side of your car. Accurate castor alignment provides balanced steering as well as enhances cornering performance.


Toe is the angle of the wheels from the centreline of the vehicle when observed from above. A toe can be Positive, which is known as an inward angle, or Negative, known as an outward angle. A slight difference in the Toe angle can result in directional pull while manoeuvring.

Our Hunter Wheel Alignment Northampton enables us to measure all wheel angles fast and with utmost accuracy.

Please feel free to visit us at Unit 1, Letts Road, Northampton, NN4 8HQ.

Talk to our in-house technicians if you have any doubts or need some additional information.

Our friendly team will be happy to show you our Hunter Wheel Alignment System and explain how it works, so you can make an informed decision.

Feel free to call us at 01604372007 if you have any queries or email us on Office@intercarandvan.com.

Inter Car & Van LTD is always happy to help!

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