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Are you looking for Car Battery Replacement Service for your vehicle?


A faulty car battery can severely affect your vehicle’s engine performance and that of the electrical components like lights, starter motor, radio, and more. The battery not only provides the power to start your vehicle, but also helps play a pivotal role in the functioning of the electrics in our vehicle.

Inter Car and Van Ltd provide new, quality, Cheap Car Battery Northampton. Using the latest battery testing equipment, our experts can diagnose any battery problems and offer honest advice based on the results.

Signs you need Car Battery Replacement Northampton

Call us if for a Battery check Northampton if you notice any of the following signs

Engine not starting

The engine failing to start is the most common symptom of a problem with the car battery. A faulty battery can prevent the car from starting or result in a sudden breakdown while driving.

Dimmed Lights

The headlights of a car will fail if the car battery is too weak to provide the desired charge. After the light fails, other electrical components will follow and cause difficulty while driving.

Bloated battery case

Give us a call today for a Battery check Northampton if the battery case gets bloated. It is a common sign of a damaged battery and can compromise on-road safety. We also offer a range of quality and Cheap Batteries for replacements.

Battery fluid decreased

Low battery fluids can result in overcharging and increase internal damage to the battery and components of the vehicle.

Weather condition

Abrupt changes in temperature due to weather conditions can also affect a car battery. Hot and cold weather can limit the performance of a battery and create issues whilst driving.

Main reasons for Battery Replacement Northampton?

Driving habits

A battery cannot charge if your car has not been driven enough. It maybe possible to charge the battery if this is the case. Contact our experts for advice.


Usually, a car battery can last for about 3 to 5 years. After that, the battery cannot hold an electric charge and is unable to perform its function efficiently. Visit us for a Car Battery Replacement Northampton in such a case.


Any internal or external damage to the car battery can cause the battery to drain. A regular Battery check Northampton can ensure all the components are working effectively.

Why Choose Inter Car and Van Ltd?

We provide high quality batteries at affordable prices. All our batteries are of OE standard and come with a guarantee, for your piece of mind. We use the latest battery testing equipment when providing Car Battery Replacement Northampton.

End your search for Cheap Car Battery Northampton and contact us today.

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